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Probate And Estate Administration Attorney In Eugene

We Provide Legal Guidance When Your Loved One Dies

The death of a loved one is extremely difficult, whether the loss occurred unexpectedly or if you knew it was imminent. In a time of mourning, dealing with your loved one’s estate may feel like a significant burden.

The Law Office of Brian M. Thompson can make the administration of even complex estates seem easy by taking care of the details for you. We can assist you in submitting a will for probate and coordinate the administration of a decedent’s estate. Our approach is to provide clear direction throughout the process so you can rest assured that we are effectively handling your loved one’s estate. Our office is in Eugene, but we assist individuals throughout Oregon.

Probate Is Not Something You Need To Fear In Oregon

A lot of discussion concerning estate matters centers on avoiding probate. State law dictates the probate process, and in some jurisdictions, the process can be cumbersome and expensive. In Oregon, probate is relatively streamlined. Probate can also provide some very real benefits such as obtaining deeds to real property when there is a flaw in the chain of title.

Although individuals have been able to probate a decedent’s estate on their own in the past, Oregon has moved to an electronic filing system. You will be required to have a lawyer assist you in the process.

Do You Own A Business Interest?

Attorney Brian M. Thompson‘s extensive experience and knowledge of business and tax law makes him adept at handling even the most complex estates. If you own an interest in a business, he can help you protect your business and personal assets. He can help you develop a strategic tax strategy and manage your estate.

Make Things Easier By Knowing Exactly What You Will Pay

When you need the assistance of an attorney for probate or estate administration, call us at 541-505-5117 or toll free at 877-439-0479. You can also conveniently submit your information online if that is your preference. We will sit down with you in a complimentary consultation and offer you a fixed fee for our services.

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