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Firearms Compliance In Estates

You can use estate planning to pass on your most valuable assets, like your home, bank accounts and cars. But estate planning is about more than these items. For example, as a gun owner, you might wish to bequeath some or all of your firearm collection to one or more heirs.

However, bequeathing firearms and paraphernalia in Oregon is more complicated than passing on other personal property like jewelry, clothing and record albums. It requires special consideration in your estate plan. At The Law Office of Brian M. Thompson, I help gun owners and collectors include their firearms in their estate plan in a way that minimizes delay, helping your personal representative disburse your firearms faster and according to your final wishes.

Gun Ownership And Estate Planning In Oregon

Oregon law makes it difficult to transfer firearms after death. Your estate’s personal representative will have to go to probate court. The recipient must be a relative as defined by state law, which includes your spouse, parents, children and stepchildren, grandchildren, nieces and nephews, cousins and any spouse or domestic partner of any of these relations. Also, only your personal representative can transfer ownership of a gun upon your death. Otherwise, the recipient must pass a background check and the transfer must be done by an approved gun dealer.

Machine Guns, Short-Barreled Riffles, And Similar Items

It is a felony to transfer certain restricted firearms without specific approval of the federal government. I have experience the National Firearms Act. Gun trusts and other tools are available to manage these complicated situations to avoid criminal penalties.

Decades Of Experience In Estate Planning

Creating a gun trust is complicated. It is easy to make a mistake. A mistake may result in a fine or a criminal penalty. Suppressors (sometimes referred to as “Silencers”), Destructive Devices, and Short Barreled Rifles, or Short Barreled Shotguns are illegal to possess without proper documentation. A Well Drafted Gun Trust can help you avoid these problems.

I have practiced estate planning for more than 30 years and can handle everything you want out of your plan, including transferring ownership of your firearms. For a free consultation about this and the other services I provide, call The Law Office of Brian M. Thompson and schedule your free initial consultation with me.